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St. Andrews Clubhouse
St. Andrews Clubhouse
St. Andrews Clubhouse

St. Andrews Clubhouse Detail  
CASTLE NAME: St. Andrews Clubhouse
SIZE: 3.0" H x 8.5" W
PRICE: $322.50 with base
SERIES: Special Commissions
STATUS: Current
St. Andrews Clubhouse HIstory  

One of the most stirring sights in golf is that of the ancient buildings and spires of the town of St Andrews, standing guard over the most famous stretch of golf links in the world--for here lies the cradle of the game--its historical home--the Mecca to which every golfer aspires to make a pilgrimage at least once during his life. From the unforgiving rocky shoreline to the wind-swept fairways to the ancient Swilcan bridge, St Andrews is an exciting visual experience. And, the most prominent view of all is that of The Royal & Ancient Clubhouse as it stands majestically over the vast expanse of the fairway that is shared by the first and last holes, embodying the spirit and traditions of this noble game.

There is no dispute that golf, or a similar game has been played for centuries. Some trace its origin back to the game of paganica during the Roman Empire, while others see it evolving from the French jeu de mail or the Dutch game of kolven. Whatever the truth, it was undoubtedly the Scots who pioneered and developed the game on their seaside links and transported it with them all over the world. They provided the first implements for golf and laid down the standards and basic rules that still, to a large degree, prevail today...

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