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Anchor Inn Castle
Fraser Castle
Fraser Castle

Fraser Castle Detail  
CASTLE NAME: Fraser Castle
SIZE: 5.25" H x 10.0" W
PRICE: $451.00 with base
SERIES: Castles of Scotland
STATUS: Current
Fraser Castle History  
  The Frasers were one of many Anglo-Norman families to settle in Scotland in the 11th and 12th century. In the 15th century, some of the Frasers resettled to Aberdeenshire on land upon which Castle Fraser now stands. The castle is one of the grandest examples of Scottish baronial architecture and has been continuously occupied for more than 500 years. Externally, little has changed at the castle since the completion of two long low buildings by the First Lord Fraser, in 1635. The core building dates from about 1454, when the Frasers were confirmed in the newly formed barony of Stoneywood and Muchalls in Mar. From 1560 to 1570, Michael Fraser and his son Andrew created a modified Z plan building. To build the upper works of his castle Andrew employed J. Bell, a local family of master Masons, whose work can be recognized at Midmar Castle, Crathes and Craigievar. The elements of rough granite, a profusion of ornament, stone cannon and angle turrets with lozenge and dormer windows carved and peaked above the wallheads, and a high pitched roof with gables crow-stepping gracefully across the tiles all come together as the gem called Castle Fraser.  
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