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Cardiff Castle
Cardiff Castle
Cardiff Castle
Cardiff Castle History  
  history continued ...

Alter the death of Robert "Consul" the castle passed, by marriage, to King John and subsequently to Gilbert de Clare. The Clare family played a significant role in the 13th century struggle between the King and the barons. Another famous owner was Richard Neville or the "Kingmaker," as he became known for the role he played in setting King Henry VI and Edward IV against each other.

For the next three hundred years the castle passed through various hands until it became the property of John Stuart, the earl of Bute, one of the noblest families in Scotland. The Bute family brought great prosperity to Cardiff, as one of the world's greatest coal ports. After the death of John Stuart, the Lordship passed to the 2nd Marquess of Bute (also John Stuart) who is hailed as the "Founder of Modem Cardiff". In March 1848, the 2nd Marquess was found dead in the morning room of the castle.

Starting in 1865, Lord Bute renovated the Castle paying the closest attention to every detail. Nothing from the austere outward appearance of the castle can prepare one for the wealth of intricate and glorious decorations of the inner rooms and chambers. The 5th Marquess of Bute presented the castle to the City of Cardiff in 1947.

With nearly two thousand years of violent history it is to be expected that Cardiff Castle would be haunted. The ghost of the 2nd Marquess of Bute walks the castle, passing through walls ending his journey in the room in which he died. A phantom coach also arrives in the forecourt whenever a member of the Bute family is about to die.

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