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Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle Detail  
CASTLE NAME: Arundel Castle
SIZE: 7.0" H x 8.25" W
PRICE: $415.00 with base
SERIES: Catles of England
STATUS: Current
Arundel Castle History  

The story of Arundel begins in 1067 when Roger de Montgomery was created Earl of Arundel and given a third of Sussex as a reward for his careful stewardship of Normandy while William I was conquering England. The castle was built four miles from the south coast high on a chalk spur overlooking the River Arun with magnificent views over the South Downs. Stone, much of which still exists today, would have quickly replaced the original timber Motte and Bailey fortifications. Roger's son, Robert de Belesme, inherited Arundel but sided with the Duke of Normandy against Henry l, resulting in the castle being besieged for three months. Belesme was captured, imprisoned and the Castle reverted to the Crown. When Henry died, his widow (Queen Adeliza) married William d'AIbini who was given the estate. In 1139, Empress Matilda (or Maude), daughter of Henry I, came to Arundel claiming the throne of England. King Stephen, her cousin and rival, surrounded the castle but soon raised the siege, and for reasons not clearly understood, allowed Matilda to leave unmolested. In 1243, the last of the male AIbini's died and Arundel passed to his daughter, Isabel, who married John Fitzalan...

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