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Archer's Pavilion
Archer's Pavilion
Archer's Pavilion

Archer's Pavilion Detail  
CASTLE NAME: Archer's Pavilion
SIZE: 6.5" H x 6.0" W
PRICE: $258.00 with base
SERIES: Gates & Manorhouses
STATUS: Current
Archer's Pavilion History  
  Henry Grey, the 12th Earl of Kent, was the leading member of the most prominent family in Bedfordshire. In 1710, the Earl had commissioned Thomas Archer to build for him a magnificent pavilion on the grounds of Wrest Park. It was an early work by Archer, who trained under Sir John Vanbrugh (Castle Howard and Blenhiem Palace). Archer's Pavilion is such an arresting building that it has been accepted by the architectural establishment in its own right, conveniently ignoring its prominent claim of being a huge, useless, ostentatious, and wildly expensive folly. It is undeniably magnificent, the finest individual building in Bedfordshire. The Pavilion was built to a complicated plan based on Borrowmini's church of St. Ivo della Sapienza in Rome built in 1643. Wrest Park is a rarity among English gardens in that it has remained formal in design, despite the attentions of 'Capability' Brown who worked there for three years. Archer's Pavilion stands at the end of a formal canal called Long Water, half a mile from the main house.  
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