JP Editions Castles and Historical Landmarks of Britian
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The Artists skill and excellence
JP Editions Castle

Patrick Gates, JP EDITIONS' master sculptor is, without a doubt, one of the most talented artists working in the field of architectural miniatures today. Schooled at the Art College in Farnham, England, Patrick began his career with John Hine Studios at Eggar's Hill, Aldershot where his accomplishments include a model of the famous Sidney, Australia Opera House, Edinborough Castle and a wonderful series of European castles. Since joining JP at its inception in 1991, Patrick has been responsible for the design and sculpting of each and every one of the over forty issues.

With wife Karen, son Josh and black lab, Wellington, Patrick lives in Haslemere, Surrey. In addition to his JP sculpting duties, Patrick keeps busy with other sculpting commissions as well as his own graphic arts business.

Patrick Gates

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