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About JP detail and craftmanship
JP Editions Castle

JP EDITIONS was formed by Jonno Suart and Paul Williams, both well experienced in the field of architectural miniatures. Their vision ... to create a collection unlike anything before ... historically-rich landmark structures of Britain, executed with the finest craftsmanship and with unmatched accuracy and attention to detail. Employing the talents of master-sculptor Patrick Gates, JP was launched in 1991 with a four-piece series entitled The Gates of Warwick. Only one hundred of these sets were produced and today are highly prized by collectors.

Comprised of models representing periods from William I right through Victorian times ..... the JP collection today includes pieces from England as well as Scotland, Wales and Ireland ..... each representing a chapter in Britain's history over the past 900 years. With over forty diferent pieces in the collection, JP EDITIONS has definitely become one of the the largest "builders" of castles since William the Conqueror.

Learn more about the artist, Patrick Gates.

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